TT Zarzar


I capture the essence of women in different circumstances, settings and moods. Through different gestures and signs, I attempt to represent feelings and thoughts, highlighting the strength of femininity, whether it be in the form of a claim, protest, or demonstrating the commotion of daily life.

I experience painting as an introspection and self-knowledge method, using figuration as a basis to explore colors and shapes.

I am considerably methodical about the process, remaining aware that the process itself is carried away by a pulsating,
impulsive, often undefined feeling.


Civil Engineering by the University Iberoamericana of Torreón.
Awarded the first place in the Statewide Painting Competition about Human Rights. She has been selected in the 3rd National Contest of Visual Arts in Miniature in 2019.
Held an exhibition at the Gallery of the UAdeC visual arts center, Inter-American Academy of Human Rights, TIM Contemporary Art Gallery, Regional Museum of La Laguna, Joaquín Clausell Gallery of the SECULT, and at the Rubén Herrera Museum.
Attended the Hyperrealist Painting Course at Casa del Bosque CDMX, Intensive Course on Human Figure I and II at T. Tamayo
Monterrey, Practical-Theoretical-Reflective Laboratory at the UAdeC Visual Arts Center, Experimental Graphics Workshop at CACTO Torreón, among others. Illustrated the book of poems Calendar Trunco, and her work has been published in different
regional media.