“Every painting, every scene and element of my work is created by my own language of colors and shapes, I want to take the spectator to the world that only exist in my mind, with the aim of sharing how I perceive and express my ideas and emotions, with the constant purpose that they can be touched with my artwork”.


Dulce Luna was born in Mexico City, she studied Art at the prestigious Escuela “La Esmeralda” in Mexico City.

She has participated in multiple individual and collective exhibitions in Mexico, Italy, Spain, and The United States.

In 2018, she exhibited the collection “Alegoria Dantesca” at the 2nd International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, at the Saint Lorenz Basilica of Florence.

In 2019, “Naturaleza Muerta” in Alvaro Cuevas Gallery.

In 2020, she travelled to New York for the opening of “Woman: An infinite world”, her collection represented a social critic against the violence that all woman suffers around the world. Dulce was jury in the 6th National Contest of Drawing Rodin 2020 and won honorific mention in the 1st ITACA Salon in Barcelona the same year.

Her new collections in 2021 include: “Mensajeras”, “Navegantes” and “Alas de Golondrinas”.